Winter Stewardship Update

Winter Stewardship Update

Now that cooler temperatures are here to stay, we will begin to see both the pleasant stillness and angry winds that Chicago and the Midwest winters are famous for. The Pond and prairies will encrust in ice and frost, dying today to be reborn tomorrow. Our field staff are still in the Park much of the week, picking up litter, covering up graffiti, checking on park structures and amenities, and generally keeping an eye on things. We will host cleanup days over the winter as weather and public health guidelines allow. If you would like to get involved, please email us here.

While many things have changed this year – social distancing, reduced capacity at workdays, masks in the Park – so many things have happened that we are excited about: increased use and enjoyment of the Park, major strides in the North Pond restoration, our new golf cart (donated by the Service Club of Chicago). As we move into the new year, it is common to reflect on past achievements and make goals for the year ahead. 2021 will be a very important year for Lincoln Park and the Conservancy, and we cannot wait to share it with you, however we can. We look forward to seeing you and yours again in the Park, helping us restore its natural beauty while enjoying the camaraderie that comes with shared dedication, love, and care for a place.
If you’d like to communicate with us about what you’re seeing in the Park or any questions you may have, drop us an email.
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