Stewardship Update

Stewardship Update

Staff working during COVID

 Our team has been hard at work stewarding Lincoln Park in the time of COVID, often without the amazing, record-breaking numbers of volunteers we and the Park are used to relying on. In addition to losing Earth Day and the first several North Pond Gardener events to the pandemic, corporate volunteers–which by this time of year would have reached approximately 50 groups–have been reduced to a trickle. Despite these setbacks, our staff have increased time in the field raking up plant debris for Spring cleanup, weeding at North Pond and the Lily Pool, covering graffiti, and collecting litter. But our staff can’t be in the Park all day every day, and that’s where our amazing community and neighbors come in. Volunteers who regularly give back a few or a dozen workdays a year are now helping collect litter daily, or weeding twice a week. Never before has “it takes a village” rung so true, and we couldn’t do it without you!
The North Pond Gardeners have been hard at work maintaining the new plantings in the Sunshine Playscape and the expanded West Prairie, which they helped plant in Spring 2019. Speaking of the prairie, it’s coming along beautifully! Check it out soon, as the yellows and purples are in full bloom and collage nicely with the pale green grasses of late summer.
The Park lost quite a few trees and limbs in the recent derecho that blew through on Monday, August 10th. The Conservancy is assisting the Park District in collecting downed limbs and, soon, crews will be moving through the Park to chip and clean up the mess. New, native tree plantings have been ongoing for roughly a year and more are intended as part of the North Pond Master Plan.
If you’d like to get involved with the volunteer effort or support our stewardship activities, please email us at:!
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