North Pond’s Restoration

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Check here regularly as up-to-date resources and information will be shared throughout the spring and summer.

  • Get the latest news on the North Pond Restoration in our weekly blog series.
  • View a “before/after” shoreline diagram to learn why certain trees were removed to stabilize North Pond’s shoreline.
  • The North Pond Restoration project is in the news. Click here for April 2022 press.
  • Watch the April 20, 2022 North Pond public meeting and view the presentation.
  • For additional videos of the North Pond Restoration and other Conservancy work, please visit us on YouTube.
  • For additional North Pond artist’s renderings click here.

For additional videos of the North Pond Restoration and other Conservancy work, please visit us on YouTube.

Future look of North Pond Nature Sanctuary (Artist’s Rendering). For additional artist’s renderings, click here.

Rendering of North Pond after completion of the restoration

Artist’s rendition of the completed restoration at North Pond. Click here to view a larger version of the image.

North Pond’s Restoration Begins

The Lincoln Park Conservancy began work on the North Pond Restoration Project in April, with major work to be completed in Fall 2022. Thank you to everyone who contributed to make the project a reality!


Please use this website–navigated via the tabs above–as a resource to find information about what’s happening in the North Pond project and when, what impacts can be expected for Park visitors and wildlife and to learn more about how you can support North Pond, one of Lincoln Park’s premier natural areas.

North Pond Restoration Project Timeline

*Dates subject to change due to weather or site conditions.

What’s Happening & When

A General Guide of What to Expect:

  • April 15: Mobilization; fencing installed.
  • May: Erosion control measures; removal of dead or compromised trees.
  • June-July : Dredging operation; storm-sewer and drainage.
  • August – mid-September: Bank restoration, pond grading & path improvements.
  • September-November: Shoreline planting of native plants, with anticipated establishment by 2023; aerators installed; turf replacement.
  • November: Project completion.

Short-term Human & Wildlife Impacts:

While restoration work is taking place at North Pond, there will be some short-term impacts on humans and wildlife. However, the Lincoln Park Conservancy is committed to ensuring minimal disturbance of the animal and human visitors:

  • Our staff and contractors walked the site this spring to identify and mark for protection key nesting areas.
  • Additionally, dredge workers will be able to clearly observe the materials being gathered up from the Pond bottom and to relocate any wildlife unintentionally disturbed.
  • Finally, portions of the Pond will remain wet even during the dredge to ensure habitat for aquatic life.

Diagram of work to be completed. Click here for expanded view.

What You Can Expect:

  • Path closures
  • Fencing
  • Tree removal
  • Nesting and migration — We will use an adaptive strategy to protect key nesting sites and habitat.
  • Aquatic species — Portions of the Pond will remain wet and contractors will observe exactly what they are gathering during the dredge process and relocate animals that may be disturbed.

Additional Project Resources

Learn More & Get Involved

Attend or Host a Meeting

Watch a recording of the public meeting with the Conservancy on Wednesday, April 20th at 6pm.

You may also schedule a one-on-one or small group presentation with Executive Director Doug Widener.

Join North Pond Gardeners

Volunteer North Pond Gardeners meet every other Saturday during the warm weather seasons. Click here to learn more and view dates.

Speak With a Champion

Volunteer North Pond Champions are in the Park during the warm weather seasons to answer questions and share news about the North Pond project. Look for individuals wearing a green apron! Email us if you’d like to train as a Champion.

Thank you to all our North Pond Campaign Donors!

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We’ve reached our estimated project budget, but we still need your support!

Through the generosity of our donors, we’ve reached our $7.3M project budget to restore North Pond. Still, the need for financial support remains ongoing while the Conservancy moves through this construction year, as unanticipated costs may arise. Beyond the restoration, the Conservancy is committed to establishing an endowment to maintain the gains made by the North Pond Project. We appreciate your help!

For additional videos of the North Pond Restoration and other Conservancy work, please visit us on YouTube

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by Doug Widener As we approach substantial completion of the North Pond Restoration Project next month, I’d like the final blog or two to focus on some common questions asked. I’ll start with a few most timely and frequent ones here. Please send others in......

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With the upcoming Chicago Marathon taking front stage throughout the city this weekend, including Lincoln Park, signs of its approach can be seen in the temporary sawhorses and barricades dotting various street corners. I’m happy to report that other neighborhood barricades—the fencing at North Pond......

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by Doug Widener As baseball season heads towards home and the playoffs, North Pond’s restoration is also in the home stretch. Installation of permanent fencing along certain portions of the pond began today. In addition, temporary fencing to protect new (and soon-to-be planted) native plants and trees will be......

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