Lily Pool Reopening

Lily Pool Reopening

The Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool opened for the season on Saturday, April 17th. The Conservancy cleans up the Lily Pool each year, organizing and supervising over 100 volunteers giving over 300 work hours to rake and haul leaves and sticks so that the Pool is as clean and beautiful. This cleanup also mimics fire, which would naturally reduce the leaf litter to nutrients and allow increased sunlight to reach the forest floor. Given the Lily Pool’s sensitive state and status as a National Historic Landmark, this proves tricky. The Conservancy cooperates with our partner, the Chicago Park District, to orchestrate the opening and closing each year for seasonal timing and path safety. Open from 7:30am to the earlier of 7:30pm or dusk, the Lily Pool is a treasured resource that closes a few months each year to let the landscape rest and to prevent accidents on icy, slippery paths. We look forward to seeing you there this season!

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