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Latest Project News

  • On August 26th, 2021, the Chicago Plan Commission approved the Lakefront Protection application for the North Pond project. This approval represented a major step in the project timeline to ensure that work can begin this fall.
  • Check out our latest project Tree FAQ.

Help Save North Pond! Every donation counts!

North Pond is dying, but with your help we can guarantee its future for the humans and animals who rely on it.

Lincoln Park Conservancy will break ground on North Pond’s restoration this Fall. With only $100,000 left to go, you can help us close the gap in fundraising for the $7.3 million project. All gifts, of all sizes, will help save this natural treasure.

Learn More and Share Your Thoughts!

There are many ways to learn about and to share your thoughts or questions on North Pond’s restoration: check out project information under “What We’re Doing”; watch a recorded public meeting or schedule your own virtual presentation; complete our project survey or view project diagrams and offer feedback. Still have questions or comments? Email us anytime.

How Can I Help?

  • Contribute: We’re over 90% to our goal for the project budget, but North Pond’s restoration will not happen without your help! Public funding is not available, making community support critical to the project’s success. Community funding ensures that the restoration’s achievements are maintained through regular stewardship. You can donate here.
  • Volunteer: Help us take care of North Pond! We rely on dedicated volunteers and corporate groups to maintain the Pond’s ecosystem. Our North Pond Champions also need help getting out the word of this important project. Join us in preserving one of Lincoln Park’s only dedicated natural areas.
  • Host a Meeting: Host a virtual meeting with friends, neighbors, or community group to learn more about the project. The more awareness we can build around this, the better! The entire community must #DigDeepForNorthPond. Contact Doug Widener for more information about hosting a meeting.
  • Learn More: Follow progress on our social media: FB @chicagolincolnpark and Instagram @lpconservancyE-mail Doug Widener to set up a 1-on-1 meeting to learn more about the project and how you can help North Pond.

Thank you to our generous donors for helping us help North Pond and all of Lincoln Park!

North Pond Stories

North Pond Is Disappearing

What’s Wrong with North Pond?

Because North Pond is so beautiful, few visitors realize it is a dying ecosystem that is slowly becoming a shallow wetland. The Pond’s health is negatively impacted by:

  • Shallow depth: Many people are surprised to know the Pond’s maximum water depth is only 3 feet, limiting aquatic habitat and inhibiting temperature regulation.
  • High temperatures: The Pond’s water is too warm in the summer, creating algae blooms that prevent healthy aquatic habitat.
  • Erosion: The unstable shoreline is slowly falling into the Pond, leading to sediment and pollution accumulation and shallow depths.
  • Nutrient run-off and sediment: The Pond is filling up with organic and mineral material like fertilizers, grass, leaves, bird poop (yikes!), tree limbs, and more.
  • Canada Geese: The barren, eroding shoreline attracts geese, who contribute to the Pond’s nutrient overload (see above).

Without quick intervention, these factors will kill the Pond as we know it, taking away a beloved human greenspace and destroying urban habitat for many native animal species. But there’s still time! If we work together to #DigDeepForNorthPond, we can save this treasured urban oasis and preserve North Pond not just as part of Lincoln Park’s past, but also its future. With a $7.3 million budget, our restoration project is estimated to begin late Fall 2021 and be completed by the end of 2022.

interactive resources

Explore and learn more about North Pond through activities that connect learners of all ages to the this urban nature sanctuary.

Soil Sampling – Look more closely at what’s under our feet: Open/Download PDF
Cupcake Geology – See through the Earth’s surface with delectable treats: Open/Download PDF
Topographic Mapping – Learn the lay of the land: Open/Download PDF
Bark Rubbing – Identify trees: Open/Download PDF

virtual tours of the nature Sanctuary

We host monthly Wildflower Walks from Spring to Fall to share the wonders of North Pond’s plants and animals with visitors. Check out our 2020 virtual walks below. To learn more about in-person tours, visit our Park Tours page.

Click Here for Video About Why North Pond Needs Our Help

The restoration and long-term stewardship encompass five key phases:


We completed several studies to finish the master plan, including a topographic and boundary study, tree inventory, and detailed pond bottom and sediment analysis. These studies that were completed in summer 2020 added important data to already completed studies, including soil analysis, water quality testing, water balance/hydrology analysis, and depth and sediment studies. We hosted three public meetings attended by over 150 people in Fall 2020 to collect and build on community input provided at earlier meetings.  This input was integrated into the final restoration master plan that was completed in mid 2021.  Additional input from key stakeholders including the Chicago Ornithological Society, Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, Lincoln Park Advisory Council, North Pond Restaurant, and the several volunteer groups who utilize the historic casting pier helped to shape our plans as did input from hundreds of community members through meetings with community groups, area buildings, and individuals.  Project review and input meetings were held with the Chicago Park District at the 50%, 75% and 90% design thresholds.  The project received Chicago Plan Commission approval on August 26, 2021 and final permits are being reviewed/completed.  We anticipate selecting a general contractor in October 2021 and beginning work by Thanksgiving to be completed by late Summer 2022.   See the timeline below for detailed project dates.


Deepen 25% of the Pond to 8’ and dredge remaining pond expanse to remove sediment to increase water circulation and oxygen turnover, decrease water temperature, improve aquatic habitat, and reduce algae growth. Special care will be taken during the dredge to ensure the minimal disruption to resident animals, plants, and the general public.  Dredged material will be dewatered in fenced parkland north of North Pond and re-used in Lincoln Park and at Big Bend Park in South Chicago during the spring of 2022. A recent study found that the Pond, historically, had no bottom liner, increasing water loss below. A new liner, consisting of a natural polymer that will be sprayed in the Pond and settle at its bottom, will increase water retention and reduce city water use. The extensive design work, equipment mobilization, and sediment-hauling  costs all contribute to making the dredge the most significant project cost. All subsequent steps are dependent on dredge completion. 


Grade and stabilize the pond edge to decrease erosion and pollution run-off into the Pond while providing additional public gathering and engagement opportunities around the shoreline. Areas of gradual slope will be planted with a variety of submergent and emergent native vegetation to stabilize the pond bank, whereas areas of steeper slope will be stabilized with natural limestone outcroppings interspersed with native plantings and public gathering areas.


Increase the amount and quality of natural areas surrounding the Pond to foster greater biodiversity, model natural infrastructure techniques, and provide public engagement/education opportunities with urban nature. Plans include doubling the size of the West Prairie (completed 2019), planting hundreds of native trees (ongoing, with phase one completed Fall 2019 and Spring 2020), and installing underdrains and water-loving sedges and other such plants in new natural areas around the Pond to capture and filter storm-water from adjacent parkland. This last component provides an additional water source to the Pond to reduce or eliminate its reliance on municipal water. 


North Pond’s restoration is directly dependent on community support and involvement, with 100% of project funding coming from private donors and foundations. Without support from the community, North Pond’s restoration will not be possible. Community investment will also be vital to the Pond’s long-term stewardship and care. Our restoration efforts are focused on developing consistent, long-term community commitments to North Pond through volunteer stewardship, public awareness, and educational programs. Learn more about how you can get involved below or donate/start your own crowdfunding page for the project here.

Project Timeline

Planned Diagrams and Renderings

(Files are draft, not final)

Additional Project Resources



In November 2020, the Conservancy hosted virtual public meetings to discuss North Pond’s restoration. You can view the presentation or watch the recording of this meeting.

Or you can schedule a presentation for your group or building by E-mailing Doug Widener.


Offer your comments and submit questions related to the North Pond Restoration project by completing our online survey. Visit the link below to offer feedback on key project elements.

Click Here To Meet The Project Team

Thank you to all our North Pond Campaign Donors!

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