Earth Day 2021

Earth Day 2021

Earth Day is upon us once again! This year, the Conservancy celebrates its 21st annual Earth Day at North Pond Nature Sanctuary on Saturday, April 24th. The event will look a little different, as volunteers will meet in flights of no more than 30 people every half hour, starting at 9:30am. This is to logistically manage over 200 volunteers, but also to allow us to gather safely in numbers. Volunteers will be found from North Ave. to Barry to spread out and give as much of the Park as possible some tender loving care. There will be cleanup of the existing prairies and natural areasrejuvenating planting and seeding, mulching park trees, and park cleanups. There is still some space available in select time slots. If you are interested in joining in on the fun, please email Aaron Hammond ASAP. If you cannot attend but would like to contribute to the event’s success, please consider donating here. 

Your generous donations allow the Conservancy to purchase the over 1,000 plants, millions of seeds, and dozens of tools necessary to host Earth Day and other stewardship events. It is important to remember that the spirit of Earth Day lives on throughout the year, when we are weeding invasive species in the dog days of Summer, planting trees in the Fall, and doing park cleanups on a warm winter day. Lincoln Park and public spaces around the country receive so much support on one day but need help year-round. So please consider joining us every other Saturday for North Pond Gardeners or weekday evenings for Hops & Habitat to help us support your park! 

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