Docent Training Update

Docent Training Update

by Amelia Pollock

We’re about halfway through fall docent training in the Conservatory, and this year’s docent candidates are a fantastic group of bright and inquisitive people, and a real delight to work with. Everyone is super enthusiastic and passionate about doing their best, getting to know the Conservatory, and learning different approaches to interpretation. We’ve learned all about Lincoln Park and Conservatory history so far and are now delving into the individual houses of the Conservatory, how a Conservatory functions and how to best facilitate the space. Each docent candidate has another docent candidate buddy and is working to create an individual toolkit to use as a resource. Docent candidates will also complete a final project consisting of a ten-minute interpretive experience that will summarize their personal interests as well as some of the common themes we like guests to know about when they visit the Conservatory. We’ve also had some great help from current docents and both Conservancy and Conservatory staff, who are inspiring and guiding new docent candidates to success. Be sure to stop by the Conservatory later this fall and next winter to engage with these knowledgeable individuals

If you’re interested in training a docent, email to receive updates on training opportunities and schedules.

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