Caring for the Park with the Conservancy

Caring for the Park with the Conservancy

By:  Lorraine Kells



Over many years learning to identify leaves, flowers, scents, and habits of growing things and how to care for them while growing up myself, it was inevitable that I would create my own gardens wherever I live. A clear concept of stewardship for natural spaces and an avid interest and green thumb beyond a community garden brought my attention to the North Pond. I discovered the Lincoln Park Conservancy when I moved to East Lakeview with the North Pond Sanctuary as my front yard. What a panorama unfolds there year-round!



Walks around the pond from early morning to late, late at night offer moments of quiet wonder at huge orb spider webs, sightings of migratory birds, and the sounds of a myriad of insects. North Pond gardeners are eager and dedicated to help with the ecological restoration in the park that is ongoing year after year. With its conservation of native flowers, shrubs and trees through seeding, weeding and mulching; with its priorities for protecting small wildlife, migratory birds and butterflies with signage and guided walks, the Lincoln Park Conservancy is responsible for stewardship at the highest level.

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