The Campaign for Lincoln Park


Celebrating 35 Years of Restoring and Enhancing Lincoln Park


For 35 years, the Lincoln Park Conservancy has been the nonprofit champion for Your Park. Daily we steward Lincoln Park’s cherished landscapes, structures, and monuments, ensuring their protection and enjoyment now and for generations to come. Our dedicated staff and loyal volunteers can be found throughout the park restoring and protecting the wonders of Chicago’s largest and most visited park.

As Chicago’s first park conservancy, we assist the Chicago Park District through private support, labor, and dedicated resources to focus on specific sites or projects that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. As we celebrate our 35th year, our goal is to bring more people to our work and inspire them to help Lincoln Park. No matter how you do it, we hope you will join us in one or more ways as we build toward another 35 years (and more) of restoring and protecting Lincoln Park’s art, architecture, and nature!

Sweat Equity and Passion Needed!

Volunteers are our most vital resource in helping the Park. North Pond Gardeners, Park Stewards, and corporate groups help with stewardship projects, big and small, across the park including: planting, weeding, mulching, pruning, and general maintenance. Docents and greeters provide educational resources and tours as well as visitor services support to guests at the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool and Lincoln Park Conservatory. Your time, talent, and, yes, sweat are your biggest contribution. Learn more about volunteer opportunities across Lincoln Park.

Glass House Gala Committee

Join the Family

Our members are our front-line supporters and contributors. Member dues provide consistent, reliable support to help realize our mission each day across Lincoln Park. Our individual giving program allows our most dedicated members to make an even deeper connection with—and contribution to—our mission. It’s a family affair! Learn more about Lincoln Park Conservancy membership and individual giving programs.

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Contribute to the Cause

As a nonprofit organization, we fund all of our work in the Park with private sources. Individual and corporate support of all amounts is vital to our projects, programs, and daily stewardship. The 35th anniversary campaign has a comprehensive $1.5M goal to help the Conservancy complete major projects, set the stage for new work, and build our foundation to expand our reach and focus in our next 35 years. Specifically, the 35th Anniversary Campaign supports the following projects:

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Framework Plan Map of 1995 - 3rd photo on past projects page
Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 10.05.40 AM

Construction of the Sunshine Playscape

Thanks to a generous anonymous lead donor and several other supporters, the Conservancy is over half-way to its goal to build the new Sunshine Playscape. The Playscape is an interactive play area that reflects the natural environment of the North Pond Nature Sanctuary and blends traditional playground equipment with natural play features, including: a crawl-through willow tunnel and cave, natural slides, interactive sun-dial, messy materials area, nature playhouse, and more. Your contribution to the 35th Anniversary Campaign will help the Conservancy complete construction of the Playscape by Summer 2019.

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Completion of the North Pond Master Plan

The Conservancy will restore and enhance North Pond and its surrounding 20-acres over the next three years. North Pond Nature Sanctuary is home to over 250 migratory birds, 100 native plant species, and a variety of fish, amphibian, and insect species. The North Pond restoration includes:

  • Tiered Sedge Meadow – Innovative approach to improving water quality utilizing natural ecosystem services to filter run-off and storm water before entering the Pond.
  • Increased Grassland Habitat – An expanded prairie and savannah on the Pond’s west side to improve habitat for bird and insect species.
  • Water Quality Enhancement – Comprehensive water quality analysis, dredging, and bank stabilization of the pond to increase overall pond depth and water quality.

To implement this plan, the Conservancy needs to complete two last studies: a Topographic and Boundary Survey and a tree survey. We will also host two public meetings in early 2019 to garner community and stakeholder input. This input and data from the studies will be combined with additional data and analysis into a final plan for North Pond. An engineered design for improvements to the Pond and its surroundings  developed from the plan will guide our work over the next three years. Your support of the 35th Anniversary Campaign will help us complete these last important steps and begin the actual work at North Pond in mid-2019.

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Tiered Sedge Meadow (revised 4.13.13)
Bates Fountain Wide by Steve Leonard - first photo on past projects page1

Solidifying Our Foundation and Expanding Our Focus

The last piece of the 35th Anniversary Campaign’s fundraising goal will allow the Conservancy to create an operating reserve to strengthen our operations and expand our breadth and focus into our next 35 years. From Osterman Beach to Ohio Street Beach and all the wonders in between, Chicago’s largest and most visited park needs the Conservancy’s support. Currently, need and demand far exceed our capacity. We need you to help us help Your Park. Your support of the 35th Anniversary Campaign will ensure that all parts of Lincoln Park benefit from the Conservancy’s help.

See Our Past Projects

Help Us Grow

Contributions can be one-time or pledges over time. The Conservancy also accepts stock transfers and IRA/401k distributions, providing additional tax benefits to contributors. Contribute to the 35th Anniversary Campaign.

Contribution to the Campaign
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Share Your Lincoln Park Wonder!

Lincoln Park holds a special place in the heart of all of us who love it. Its countless wonders inspire, comfort, and bring us together in unique ways. Share your special wonder of Lincoln Park with us via social media. Use #LP4Me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and share why Lincoln Park is special to you in words and pictures.

Please find links to our social media below.

Spread the Word!

While you’re participating in the #LP4Me campaign be sure to like or follow the Conservancy and share us with your social networks. We need everyone to help us help Lincoln Park!

Biodiversity Program

To discuss the Campaign and how to contribute, contact Doug Widener, Executive Director here.

Thank you for helping us celebrate 35 years of restoring and enhancing Lincoln Park and contributing to the Campaign as we prepare for another 35 great years…and more!

Thank you to our 35th Anniversary Campaign Supporters!

Margot and Tom Pritzker Family Foundation
Pritzker Pucker Family Foundation
Norm and Helene Raidl
Julie and Evan Jahn
Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation
Frederick Langrehr
Baskin Family Foundation/Judy Wise
Peter Lehman and Family
John R. Halligan Charitable Fund
Rhoades Foundation Fund
Danielle and James Hoeg
Jennifer Steans and James Kastenholz
Leonard C. Goodman
Peter and Betsy Barrett
Steven and Catherine Jacob Family Foundation
Wilson Garling Foundation
Brian and Andrea Chadwick
Arnold Family
Lori and Steve Kaufman
ADM Cares (Archer Daniels Midland)
Gail Colvin
Jennifer Morgenstern, Burgess Wilson, and Family
John & Carol Walter Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Keiser
Thomas and Barbi Donnelley
Chris and Lauren O’Neill
Alyson Coates and Ethan Hall
Amy Findlay
Anne Van Wart
Lauren and Ross Levine
Melinda and James Munson
Molly and Hans Pusch
Matt McKee
Paul and Mary Anderson
Harry Dent Family Foundation
Laurence Leive
Oppenheimer Family Foundation
Brad and Susan Oltmanns
VML Foundation
Patricia A. Teplitz
Bob and Rita Havey
James Kartheiser
Bill and Sharon Kozek
Craig and Cathy Smiddy
Craig Howard
Hendrix Bodden
Mr. Kenneth A. Bigg and Ms. Anne E. Rea
John and Lyn Vaughn
John Montague and Patricia Aluisi
Kinder Morgan Foundation
Nancy Gidwitz
Nicholas Lynn and Lorrie DuPont
Philip Friedmann Family Charitable Trust
Pond Family Foundation
Raymond and Judy McCaskey
Tom and Jane Heiden
Amy Findlay
Janet Swenson
Gale Audrey
Dr. Arthur Frank
Megan Sleight
Goose Island Beer Company
Bernard Seguy
Erick Huck
Ryan Long
Carey and Cynthia Brunelli
John and Susan Papadopoulos
Laurel Breuer
Max Meyers
Nathan Pelzer
Simon and Virginia Aronson
The Schulz Family
Denys and Robert Walk
Ronald and Joanne Schlacks
Nancy Wallace
Camillo and Arlene Ghiron
James and Suzanne Lenz
Karen and Jerry Johnson
Linda and  John Baker
Lorraine Kells
Susan Otterbeck
Tom Dickson and Kris Buckles
Barbara Kowalczyk
Deanna Dunagan
Ellen Reagan
Gayle Everest
Julie Kanter
Lisa Centone
Mary Welsh
Pat Samata
Betty L. Cannon
Janice E. Rodgers
John and Adele Simmons
John Gillett
Katherine Hepp
Kathy Dibase
Ken Belcher
Kristen Zenner
Megan O’Keefe
Melissa Huff and Richard Alkire
Nutrien Ltd.
Penny and  Fritz Ahadi
Robert and Saran Hutchins
Simon and Virginia Aronson
Stuart Schulman
Beverly and Jacques Perret
Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Levine
Emese Wood
Mark Tyle
Peter and Patricia Sweeney
Ravindra and Hymavathy Kandula
Renton K. Brodie III and Mary Fry Brodie
Kristin Dulcan
Susan Salpeter
Suzanne Wychocki
Lauren Bruer
Nancy Juda
Veronica and Matthew Cook
Woody McCally
Danish Mohammed
Kathleen Walker
Peggy Boyer Long
Anee Rockey
Anrdre Smith
BC Malinowski
Corene Lefkovitz
Courtney Palmer
Dana Angiotto-Novick
Emily Praven
Gary Kolesar
Michael Graff
Mindy Seidler
Rita Fritz
Sarah Flosi
Sofia Medvedev
Stephanie Combs
Susan Papadopulos
Candance Thompson
Donna and Craig Smith
Dr. Nessim J. Cicurel
Frank Malone
J. Friedman
Joan Goldstein
John and Jill Levi
John and Nancy Patek
John Meeks
John Vinci
Judith Anderson
Judith C. Nelsen
Kathleen Logan
Mark Zampardo
Meredith and Roger Harris
Patricia Joseph
Paul Waitz
Peter Vazzano and Sandra Nelson
Rachel D. Jonas and Elliot M. Davis
Stammich Family Foundation
Stan Barrish and Claire Odland
William S. Singer
Clayton Root
Tasnim Tanveer
Caroline Corboy
Charles Harbin
Ann Corkery
Geraldine Pigott
Timothy, Susan, and Patrick McCarthy
Adrian Gonzalez
Elizabeth Roberts
Hector Rios
Jason Green
Josh Lefkovitz
Laurie Hillman
Madeleine Murphy
Marianne Nesler
Marsha Cooper
Mary Schulatz
Michele Goulding
Penny Harwood
Robert Dolgan
Robin Hazelwood
Kevin Olson
Shawn Michols
Steven Radtke
Stuart Harris
Zina Berman
Alice Hoos
Alyssa Langer
Angela Levenstein
Garson S. Ecker
Iris S. Witowski
James R. Larson
Lillian Geary-Forch
Helene Stoffey
Bryan Berend
John Mikosz
Mark Untiedt
Aryan Sanibh
Erin Vicelja
Ilina Rosoklija
Jennifer Franton
Lindsay Abney
Matt Zwicky
Matthew Plachy
Robert Mayfield
Stacey Gattuso
Tod Turle
Doug Widener and Mark Becker
Beam Suntory
Jeffrey Liem
Sanford Klein
Aaron Hammond
Amy Bickers
Becki Lindley
Colin Meier
Jeremy Riel
Karla Vikrant
Kate Proudfoot
Phillip Hoylman
Carol Hammond
Mary Kupjack
Caitlin Donato
Jeanne Couchman
Aniket Karmarkar
Tiffany Blanchette
Caroline Paul
Eric Sullivan
Michael P. Stenson
Sierra Chmela
Jodi McNally
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