Thank You Donors!

Thank you to our Annual Fund donors of $100 or more, below. 

Thank you as well to our Sunshine Playscape Donors and 2018 Gala Attendees and Donors!

And thank you to all our donors of all amounts!  You make our work possible!

Julie and Evan Jahn*

Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation*

Frederick Langrehr*

Helene and Norm Raidl*

John R. Halligan Charitable Fund

Leonard Goodman

Danielle Hoeg*

Jennifer Steans and James Kastenholz*

Jennifer Chow

Peter Lehman*

Ronald and Anstiss Krueck

 Steven and Catherine Jacob Family Foundation*

Melinda Munson*

The Chadwick Family*

The Arnold Family*

Lori and Steve Kaufman*

Michael Keiser

Gregory Collins

ADM Cares (Archer Daniels Midland)*

Thomas and Barbi Donnelley*

Jennifer Morgenstern, Burgess Wilson, and Family*

Molly Pusch*

Brian and Andrea Chadwick*


Anne Van Wart*

Lauren Levine*

Chris O’Neill/Logical Media Group*

Amy Findlay

Jodi McNally

  1. D. Elizabeth Price

 Harry Dent Family Foundation*

Thomas Howell

Karen Howell

Marsha Nagib

Michael Gray

Peter Dimon

Hendrix Bodden

Fran Levy*

Margot Pritzker

Kimberly Wolske

 Goose Island Beer Company*

 Kinney-Sandquist Family Fund

Nathan Pelzer*

Megan Sleight*

Kathleen Sargent

Susan Otterbeck

Clayton Root

Carey and Cynthia Brunelli*

Phil and Marsha Dowd*

Ken Belcher*

Angela Euston

Daniel Bormolini

Sherwood Bollier


Camillo Ghiron

Bernard Seguy*

Pam Risher

Kathleen Walker

Gail Colvin

Courtney Palmer

Emily Praven

John Ruhaak

Kathi Larkin

Derek Lauer

Chistopher Zell

Jon Altenhofen

Keith Nemec

Paul Waitz

Lorraine Kells*

Danish Mohamed

Suzanne Wychocki

Susan Salpeter*

Veronica and Matthew Cook*

John and Adele Simmons*

Janet Swenson*

Max Meyers*

Joan Goldstein*

Stammich Family Foundation*

Mindy Seidler*

* indicates 35th Anniversary Campaign donor (after 8/1/2018)

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