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Seventeen historic monuments and four fountains grace Lincoln Park's 1,208 acres. In 1984, we began our Adopt-A-Monument Program to assist the Chicago Park District with the restoration of these artistic treasures with the generous support of corporate and private donors. To adopt a Lincoln Park monument, please contact us at (773) 883-PARK or

Lincoln Park Monuments
A Signal of Piece (1889) by Cyrus Edwin Dallin
Standing Lincoln (1887) by Augustus Saint-Gaudens - Adopted/Renovation Completed
Alexander Hamilton (1952) by John Angel
Benjamin Franklin (1896) by Richard Henry Park
Dr. Jose Rizal (1999) by Antonio T. Mondejar
Emanuel Swedenborg (1924) by Adolff Johnson
General Philip Henry Sheridan (1923) by Gutzon Borglum
Greene Vardiman Black (1918) by Frederick Cleveland Hibbard
Hans Christian Andersen (1896) by Johannes (John) Gelert
Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller (1886) by Ernst Bilhauer Rau
John Peter Altgeld (1915) by Gutzon Borglum
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1913) by Herman Hahn
Richard Oglesby (1919) by Leonard Crunelle
Robert Cavelier de La Salle (1889) by Count Jacques de La Laing
The Alarm (1884) by John J. Boyle
Ulysses S. Grant (1891) by Louis T. Rebisso
William Shakespeare (1893) by William Ordway Partridge - Adopted/Renovation Completed

Lincoln Park Fountains
Children's Fountain (1982) by designer Robinson Iron (relocated to Lincoln Park in 2005).
Eli Bates Fountain (1887) by Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Frederick MacMonnies - Adopted/Renovation Completed
Fountain Girl (1893) by George Wade (relocated to Lincoln Park in 1921 and stolen in the late 1950s) - Adopted/Re-casting in Progress
William C. Niesen Memorial Fountain (1955) sculptor/designer unknown

Lincoln Park is also home to other various public art pieces and antiquities:

The Chess Pavilion
Chicago Fire Relic
City Hall Relic
Couch Tomb
Cummings Playground Art
Curve XXII
Kwa-Ma-Rolas (Totem Pole)
Margate Park Playground Art
Putnam Chain
Roscoe Playground Art

Lincoln Park Lincoln Statue

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To adopt a Lincoln Park monument, please contact us at (773) 883-PARK or

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